Isle of Skye - Scottish Highlands - Summer 2015

Last year, on our way to the Isle of Harris, we passed through the dramatic and very beautiful landscape of the Isle of Skye, in Western Scotland. I was mesmerised by the volcanic peaks nestled in the stunning, wild landscape that has lain untouched for millions of years. I knew we had to go back for a proper visit and explore the Isle further.  Don't you think that sometimes you can be drawn to a place by a force that you can't comprehend?... the Scottish Highlands is one such place for me. 
We had booked a place that was as remote and as difficult to get to as the island itself.  It was a very old crofters cottage on the waters edge with views of both mainland Scotland and Skye. For us it was perfection. The first photo is the view outside the front door of the croft, you can see why we feel in love with the place. We were surrounded by two paddocks which housed alpacas and Shetland ponies. As if we weren't blessed enough, the crofter was also located right in the middle of a nature reserve, where we saw an abundance of wildlife on a daily basis. They included seals, an array of birds, a sea eagle, bottle nosed dolphins and even an otter, all living in their natural habitat. 
The crochet is the Alpine Frost scarf, details can be found here. The yarn is beautiful and mirrored the colour of the local heather and the pebbles from the waters edge. It was a joy to stitch with.
The last photo is the view at dusk from the croft, looking north towards the bridge connecting the mainland.
Some people are fortunate enough to have this view all year round...if only...x


Kiki chat-ours said…

thank you for these lovelies photos!

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