Blackwork Cross-Stitch Quaker Sampler Ackworth School 1811 - A Token of Love


I drink way too much coffee on a daily basis, I really do. But sometimes it helps to focus especially when I'm doing some thing like the epic Ackworth Sampler.
I started this two and a half years ago but put it down for about 18 months. Recent trouble with my ankle has meant I needed to put my feet up for most of the day and this has led to me starting this again. It was surprisingly quick to complete once I got going, I do however have a strange way of working each motif. I will start one area, do an interesting bit and then leap over from that one to the next, doing a section of that one too. There are a few mistakes and variations from the pattern, but the photo on the kit differs from the enclosed chart in places too, so I'm not going to get too hung up about that.
I've also tried to add a few personal touches to the sampler, initials of family members & a couple of favourite stitches etc. All I now need to do is stitch my name somewhere and press and mount onto some card ready for framing. Its gonna have to be done professionally as its such a large square I'd be pushed to get a frame to fit. All in all though I'm really pleased with it.

I've also been working on a cross stitch needle case that's a mish-mash of motifs, Quaker figures and alphabets. This was also started over two years ago but was left neglected in a box along with other project ideas that haven't been finished. Its almost complete but I have now to work out how to make it into a useable case for a variety of different sewing needles!


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