A Bit of This & That ...

I've been reading mostly and not much crafting, but still doing a little stitching here & there.
The hexi puff beekeepers quilt has stopped because I'm deciding on ordering some gorgeous yarn but it costs the earth. My decision making is rubbish at the moment, I don't quite know what's wrong with me.
I'm not normally a ditherer.
I'm making a crochet cardigan.. its almost done but I'm about to run out of yarn ...and can't find any more.
Over Easter I cross stitched some bunnies, its not quite finished either but that's my fault as I can't decide whether to make it into an egg or leave it as it is.
The black work Quaker sample is always a joy but it is a massive project.
I'm into my second year of working on it.
The count is tiny so it is very time consuming and also you need really good light to make those stitches perfect.
As it still hasn't perked up weather wise, I have been making the most of wearing my crochet shawls around the house...any excuse, eh!
I have been reading & enjoying...


Charlotte said…
Love to see little glimpses of all the projects you have going on. I also have too many projects at the moment and am not finishing anything. The bunnies are very cute. x Charlotte

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