Monday, 2 February 2015

Having another go at knitting...


I have always loved the idea of knitting, of how it looks and the squishy feel of all those interwoven stitches in my hands. I have a particular love of fair isle and last summer  I really got to grips with the complexities of creating pattern.
I'll let you into a secret - it really isn't that difficult and certainly not as hard as it looks. I do feel however, that I never truly break the back of knitting, that I have a go make something small and then put it down and leave it while I go off and do some other forms of stitching.
One of the many resolutions for this year is to really get to grips with knitting, properly this time, so out came the needles again and I embarked on this beekeepers quilt which consists of lots of tiny little projects that will eventually make one large project. I bought this pattern way back in 2011 from inspiration from  this blog post and whilst re-reading Vanessa's blog ( there are further links on this post  to other inspirations on the web) Its a massively popular pattern and I'm sure many of you are already familiar with it.. Its such great practise for knitting on the round, increases and decreases...if you make a mistake it really doesn't matter you can just start one of those little hexi-puffs again.
Lets see how I get on with this...
I have also been working on a little crochet project of my own which I am coming to the end of. I have enjoyed doing this one but still have my fingers crossed that it will be ok.
I have started reading again and have just finished The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton which I enjoyed enormously, so the search is on now for another equally captivating novel to read.
Any suggestions would be welcomed as I am at a blank?
I do however love anything by Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters, so I am re-reading those at the mo.
Skimble has fallen madly in love with our fire in the snug room, I think if he could sit on top of it he would! It is a daily battle between him and the Schnausers as to who gets pole position in front of the fire.


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