New Year crochet & some books to read

During this time of year, there are so many expectations to be had and I always feel a tad under pressure to be telling people of all the things I am going to be changing/doing for the next 12 months.
 I NEVER make New Years resolutions but this year is different and I want to make plans,
I feel I want to be a better me.
I think this is the first year that I've actually got what this time is all about.
My list of resolutions is long, its like the top ten of a better me.
Yesterday the house fell quiet as everybody fell back into there normal routines. I had made a mental list over the holidays of all those things I would be eager to start once I had my time back. But the day sped by quicker than ever and before I knew it everyone was back home and my time was gone.
I think its going to be little steps!
My brother lived in Japan for many years and his wife is Korean, so we do get the most amazing presents from time to time from them. (Not to mention the food they cook). The Basho book is written in a style that I have always loved and this particular one is a classic. The candle is hand-made by my sister-in-laws family and I lit it yesterday and it smells wonderfully of essential oils. I bought the Flora Kennedy novel just before Christmas with some birthday money and I'm looking forward to starting that soon. I have a few books now that I want to get started on.
I also have a few makes in mind, with pompoms as the main theme.
Finally, in remembrance to Vanessa,
I am re-reading her most beautiful blog.
Such a heart-felt loss. 
Be at peace.


Haafner said…
Lovely pictures! Beautiful crochet, gorgeous stitch and yarn... Funny, for me too this year is the first one I've made resolutions. ;-) Thanks for the reading suggestion.
Happy New Year! Haafner
Happy New Year to you too. Looking forward to reading more of your fabulous blog posts...keep them coming...x
I love the pattern on your blue project! It is absolutely gorgeous!
Many thanks little treasures, it's a scarf design I'm working on to hopefully share here.

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