Crochet Shell Wrist Warmers & Antique Bobbin Holders - free pattern link

 I suppose it's that time again where we all seek to find ways of keeping warm.
I am no exception, but alas, I do not have the luxury of living in a modern house that is totally insulated from the outside elements. When we moved here over 4 years ago our Edwardian Town house had stood empty for over 7 years, the central heating system was antiquated and it was very cold and in need of a complete renovation. As fate would have it our first winter was the worst the country had suffered in over 20 years. Brrrrrrrr it was freezing back then... but as they say every cloud has a silver lining and I discovered wrist warmers.
I made a pair out of a 50g ball of DK Pure wool and they have been my winter staple ever since. This year however, they are looking a bit worst for wear and I am determined to make a few different styles. The ones you see shown in the above photos are made up in my all time favourite pattern and also a popular choice on many blog sites see here and here- the design that I have been wearing for the last 4 years. I love this style and always receive loads of compliments whenever I am wearing them, the pattern is so easy to complete but looks very complicated doesn't it?
So this year I have crocheted a new pair, a bit longer than the last pair - for info see my notes on Raverly which also has the link to the free pattern. However, on my Pinterest board here there are many patterns I would like to try this year and obviously the ones I blogged about on my Outlander post here.

I just wanted to mention a further addition to my antique sewing notions collection. I really love antique sewing things (many have very intricate designs crafted on them) and this sewing bobbin holder is certainly beautiful. They are still available to buy through auction sites but are becoming increasingly pricey.
Why don't they still make objects like these any more, its such a shame.

I also like miniature antique china cups, I'm not sure if these are from a children's tea set but I tend to find these as an odd item at car boots etc. for 25p. They sit dotted around the house having various functions, a scoop for my bath salts or a holder for a tiny brush. If I was left to my own devices I would probably collect loads more things...the internet has a lot to answer for!

Finally, I wrote up a pattern for an Outlander style snood yesterday...let me warn you it is very, very chunky. The great thing with chunky is that it only takes an hour or so to knit up!
I am really pleased with this one and my next post will include details if anyone would like the pattern. I am also working on matching wrist warmers to go with the snood, very chunky also but these are going to be very long too!



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