Friday, 3 October 2014

Other Peoples Work...


From time to time I come across other peoples unfinished work for sale. They are either on the internet or in charity shops or antique fairs. I have quite a few now, all which I intend to complete at some point. I know, its mad isn't it! In a strange way it makes me sad that these pieces were never finished, some of them are even quite beautiful.
I intend to go back through my posts and tag them with 'second hand finds' to catalogue my purchases and remind me just what I have.
Today I am writing about the most exquisite evening bag that I purchased from the internet. The stitch count is tiny and I didn't realise this until it arrived in the post ( the many pitfalls of buying from the internet). It really is a mess, the threads are so badly ravelled up I don't think they will ever be untangled again. It is probably 50% complete but it would be nice to do the other panel and maybe back it in a glamorous fabric as a way of adapting it to a modern day style.
The kit also came with the bags clasp which make up the handle.
I have a really great pile of books and mags that I am enjoying reading at the mo, I especially love the knitted gloves from this months Mollie Makes.
Those pom poms are gorgeous...x


Maddalena said...

Beautiful handwork , I like your blog !See you soon

Eimear Greaney said...

unfinished work is rather lonesome looking at times - some time ago i was asked to finish a crochet blanket that my partners cousin had nearly finished but sadly died before it was done. it was the strangest experience - i felt like a egyptian shabit doll - it was passed to her daughter when finished and that felt so complete


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