My 'third time lucky' yarn...

  Do you ever buy yarn because you love its colour or texture, of how it feels in your hands, of the potential possibilities of a future garment you can see so clearly in your minds eye? I am often seduced by such yarns and nearly always fight the urge to succumb to this temptation.
This yarn you see in the above pictures has been with me for nearly five years. I bought it on a whim because it was reduced (which always helps in the decision making process) and it was so unusual as yarns go. 
Try as I might I just couldn't find the right pattern to do it justice. Whatever the finished design, it had to be simple, rustic and specifically work for a very chunky type of yarn. First I made a scarf - terrible, it was heavy with no drape. Then I unsuccessfully fashioned a kind of waistcoat/bodice - this was truly awful, it made me look like a yeti, the bulk of the fabric doubling my body/frame.
Dejected and utterly forlorn, my beautiful yarn was abandoned, buried in a supermarket plastic carrier bag hidden in the back of a cupboard for the next three years. With the approach of Autumn and chillier times this year, my mind has started to think of thicker chunky yarns and the possibility of making cowls and wristies to keep me warm over the coming months. 
Then I remembered my dream yarn and possible patterns I could use, found the carrier bag (I felt a bit guilty about leaving such said yarn hidden away) and started to unravel my previous knitted disaster.
Don't they say 'third time lucky' - lets hope so for this yarn, eh?


Anonymous said…
What yummy yarn! Love the yeti description- verry familiar!
Good luck with the 3rd time charm.

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