Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Fair isle neck warmer - greys & creams

When I was a little girl I used to sit watching my mother knit for hours. I loved the rhythmic clatter of her needles, the soothing sound they made. I was mesmerised by the complex construction of yarn and sticks that extended from her arms. I would try in vain to copy her, so I could join her on the settee so we could clack away together.
However it was just not meant to be, knitting was too hard for me to learn.
I just didn't get it.  
I would use my knitting doll instead and sit making length after length of woven tube made out of leftover scraps of mom's knitting yarn. I was defeated.
A few years ago I learnt to knit, this time with success. I could actually knit a scarf or a dishcloth, I even managed a tank top ( no neckline as such though - just 2 rectangles sewn together).
I loved fair isle, hand knit being the best, it had a lovely homemade quality that I loved.
More recently through blogging I discovered other knitters and their beautiful work. I particularly adored the work of Kate Davies - I even bought her book in the hope of being able to work through one of her patterns. Then through a neck warmer pattern I saw in a book things just clicked for me and I was able to do a tiny fair isle swatch, it worked. Then I made another and another and before I knew it they actually resembled knitting! Even though it was ambitious of me I started the neck warmer pattern and finished it.
I now have the confidence to try making one of my own colour/pattern choice.
Today I am actually enjoying knitting, really enjoying it.
I do a little bit ever day and its fun.
How great is that?
Don't give up if you are trying master a craft you really like, it is so worth the wait.
Now who would have thought that it would take this long to learn to knit.

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