Cross Stitch Sampler in lilacs & creams

I love the cross stitch pattern I'm using for this sampler.
It's an antique design and showed the pattern being worked in lots of different colours. However, I liked this anchor white silk I already had - its a very old skein and I have a few of them so its ideal for working on this project ( I know I won't run out!) I think the colour has faded to a creamy antique white and it works well with this piece of linen. It was supposed to be a 32 count but it seems a larger stitch when worked. I have temporarily ditched the other antique sampler I was working on, as I was so frustrated with the colours supplied. I work mainly in the evenings and rely on a good pattern to see the stitches properly  and I just wasn't enjoying this one.
The knitting box was picked up at my local junk market (it really is mostly junk, but occasionally you do find the odd gem) for £2.00. The box was filled to brimming with double pointed needles and a few hooky mat prodders and hooks also. I was drawn more to the beautifully hand-painted lid. My Gran used to do this with some of her things, she would go to a class on an afternoon and learn how to paint specifically to apply to boxes or other items.
I have a lovely hand-painted fire screen in my bedroom that she made at one such class.
I re-discovered this piece of needlework the other day.
It was going to be a large needle case with lots of sections for different needles. The count on this is really tiny. It's a piece/section of linen from my Mom's skirt she no longer wanted. You can still see the seams running down the edge of this piece in the photo. It has a distinctive raw element to the fabric that I wanted to give the needle case an special 'old/antique' feel about it. How could I have forgot about this when I had spent so many hours working on these tiny stitches!
A picture of me in my bedroom
(you can just make out my miniature teddy bear collection in the cabinet on the back wall).


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