Antique Sampler& my crazy in-tray...

The other day I bought this antique sampler from an auction site and just had to start it straight away! I love the colours in particular, they are muted/pastel and are so pleasing to look at. I would really like to create my own cross stitch sampler at some point and this one has given me loads of inspiration.
However, I have so many projects on the go now, I am finding it hard to complete even one. For example case in hand:
Black work Quaker style cross stitch
LOVE cross stitch
Big Bow crochet cardigan
Raspberries & Cream crochet shawl
Silver soft knitted cardigan - will I ever finish you?
Fair isle knitted neck warmer No.2
Japanese Flower crochet shawl No. 2
Flower tea cosy cover - crochet
Beaded tea cosy cover - knitted
About 3 crochet hot water bottle covers - each for different member of family
2 knitted sock kits I have yet to start
Projects finished but have yet to weave in ends:
Large 100per cent pure wool crochet blanket ( there are masses of ends to be sewn in yet we have been using it a lot - so much so that the straggles of  yarn have felted slightly!)
Fair isle neck warmer - (actually worn this a few times with ends stitching out through bottom)
Crochet blanket using scraps of yarn that will be a dog blanket has so many ends I could cry.
This is the tip of the iceberg so to speak as I have loads of other projects that I have created/dabbled/designed with myself but yet to finish and live in the back of a cupboard. I know I am not alone in this after reading an article in Mollie Makes not so long ago. Not sure if this makes me feel better or worse though. I think it might be time to start finishing a few of what I have started.
Any words of advice?


Simona said…
No advice, it is very same with me - many things unfinished and many projects waiting in my mind. I'm really looking forward to see all your wip! :-)
Thank you - I feel a little better your fair isle

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