Saturday, 26 July 2014

Sunshine and Sparkle...

Its official.
I'm the worlds slowest crocheter ( is that a word?)
I started this sparkly crochet necklace a few days ago and I'm still on the first motif!. Dear me !
To be fair, there are other things going on which have taken up some my time.
Firstly, it was my eldest's 14th birthday yesterday. Another year older, growing up so fast.
Then our city has its annual air show with Red Arrows making a guest appearance. Now that can't be missed. The military are always there in numbers which is a real treat.
The weather has been absolutely beautiful here for weeks now, I live by the sea and like nothing better than sitting on the seafront and staring out across the horizon.
Lastly more health issues again - this time with a stay in hospital last week.
Drying sage on my antique airer.
Skimble Shanks enjoying sneaking into my bedroom and sleeping on the duvet, when he's not supposed to. As you can see he's really not that bothered.

1 comment:

Ma. Kra. said...

I love your cat !!!


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