Saturday, 26 July 2014

Sunshine and Sparkle...

Its official.
I'm the worlds slowest crocheter ( is that a word?)
I started this sparkly crochet necklace a few days ago and I'm still on the first motif!. Dear me !
To be fair, there are other things going on which have taken up some my time.
Firstly, it was my eldest's 14th birthday yesterday. Another year older, growing up so fast.
Then our city has its annual air show with Red Arrows making a guest appearance. Now that can't be missed. The military are always there in numbers which is a real treat.
The weather has been absolutely beautiful here for weeks now, I live by the sea and like nothing better than sitting on the seafront and staring out across the horizon.
Lastly more health issues again - this time with a stay in hospital last week.
Drying sage on my antique airer.
Skimble Shanks enjoying sneaking into my bedroom and sleeping on the duvet, when he's not supposed to. As you can see he's really not that bothered.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


There are so many patterns and inspirational ideas on Pinterest for jewellery made from yarn.
Honestly, if you get the chance to have a look... please do.
Working on small projects such as these gives instant gratification and its a splendid way of using up the odd ball of yarn too!!!
I'm working on my own design taken from ideas of two other patterns. The yarn I'm using is Wendy Supreme 100per cent luxury cotton dk, its 100g ball that was £1.50 in the bargain basket at my local wool shop. It is absolutely beautiful, a real joy to stitch with, so very pretty. It is a pale grey colour with a delicate silver thread running through.
I thought initially to use it as a border for a shawl or to add interest to one of the fair isle face cloths I've been knitting, but since pinning about yarn jewellery I thought it would be an idea choice, with the silver representing metal.
Its going to be quite a large piece!

Monday, 14 July 2014

Knitting & My Vintage Picnic Basket...

 Still enjoying knitting with cotton.
Finished wash cloth number 2 using a different colour range.
My small vintage picnic basket is full of yarn for future fair isle projects.
I like being able to carry my wool outside in the sunshine to stitch.
The raspberries & cream shawl is slow  going but its the idea project to do while watching a box set!

****Notes for this project on my ravelry****

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Funny goings on in the night...

Ever since my illness 5 years ago I'm absolute rubbish at trying to sleep at night
 - hence the timing of posting this.
It does have a few advantages though...
❤ - Its nice and quiet and very relaxing (not so much so that I fall asleep though!)
❤ - I can watch what I want to on TV (well on the laptop) - its great to catch up on the TV box sets around at the mo. I've just finished Vikings and Game of Thrones -  Season 4.
I can't recommend them enough, absolutely fantastic!!!
❤ - I can carry on uninterrupted, doing my knitting & crochet and other stitching.
I just don't seem to be able to find time during the day like other crafters can. I also think I am really slow at this because it takes me forever to finish anything. I am truly in awe of other people and just how quickly they can finish a project.The ladies at my knitting club seem to go more at my pace though, they have even had a go at me being swift and asked when do I find the time to do the dusting?
The fair isle neck warmer is now finished but not blocked. I am also a bit obsessed with the weaving-in bit at the back of my knitting, its been very enjoyable mastering this technique.
The actual neck warmer looks different from the pattern in the book because of the alternative yarn choices, even though I still followed the chart. But still,  I am still enormously happy with it. Its very soft and has a bit of an authentic Shetland look to it ... I think...
The face cloth is finished and I have just cast on another. I can see these things getting highly addictive. I'm using the same yarn but different colours this time.
Lastly this night time picture is the view from my bed across the bedside table.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

fair isle knitted neck warmer... x

I'm really enjoying knitting up the neck warmer pattern from Nikki Trench's book.
Thank goodness I knitted up the swatches first to practise the techniques of fair isle knitting.
Still wish I could have used 100 percent wool for this project to give the neck warmer a more authentic fair isle feel.
I have substituted some of the colour combinations as not all of the colours recommended were available in this colour range.
(Sirdar Country Style wool blend 4 ply)
I won't know just how this will look until I have sewn in all loose ends and blocked.


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