Traditional Hand-Made Lace-Making - with Antique Tools

I'm continuing my journey into exploring antique/vintage crafting techniques. I recently purchased this lace bobbin pillow complete with card pattern, pins, cotton and wooden bobbins. It is quite old and well used, which I love! I love old lace, you know the proper, intricate, delicate type that can really make a garment or piece of linen beautiful.
I have no idea how to make hand-made lace with this equipment but this is the beauty of the internet/youtube and all the teaching techniques it has to offer. It has helped me to improve and inspire my crochet, knitting and embroidery projects and I'm sure it will show me how to learn this beautiful craft of lace-making.


Daisy Debs said…
Ah ! This brings back memories of my mother teaching my two girls when they were small . So pretty and such an old and special craft . Such lovely photographs ! : )
Anonymous said…
like your photos, especially the one of the random cluster of pins. the shadows and light makes them look really different and interesting. Rx

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