Monday, 23 June 2014

Raspberrys & Cream Shawl...

 Do you know how difficult it is to try and buy 100 percent wool at my local wool shop?
There are so many acrylic/rayon mixes that fill the shelves it puzzles me.
Whenever I knit or crochet, I feel that the yarn choices are as important as the patterns themselves.
The UK produces high quality yarns but seem to be let down by the distribution process.
Buying off the internet just isn't the same. I like the feel the yarn and see the true colours that you would never be able to replicate from your computer screen.

The pink shawl shown above is one I'm crocheting using a 4 ply yarn with 30 percent wool content.
Its the best I could get.
I am happy however, with the colour content.
I just needed something to do while watching TV without using too much brain power and this fitted the bill a treat. I have to either watch TV or listen to Radio 4 whilst I crochet or knit, I just have to otherwise it does work!
If you are interested in working this shawl then I have listed some links below which might help you make one of your own.
The pattern is free.
Dads roses are lovely again this year. They are growing well over his little potting shed and look glorious now they are all in flower. I have them on my bedside table.
Roses are so special to me, especially these pink ones from dad.  
They are from the same bush that he gives me year after year.

Dads roses from June 2010 
Dads roses 2014

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