Nikki Trench's Tea Cosy inspired by a Swimming Cap

Ok, so I've had a rethink on the traditional lace making front! I watched a video or two on Youtube and while I think its do-able, I'm going to need full concentration and a spare afternoon to try and master the basics.
On a more positive note though, the work I did see was very beautiful.
So in the meantime I've started this tea cosy. Sometimes when you are crafting its all about what you already have and I had these crochet cottons in a few different colours. Not what the pattern states to use but none the less, its what I had to hand. Also I'm not a great fan of colour, especially with crochet, as I prefer to see the texture of the stitches instead. However, when I saw this pattern by Nikki Trench in this months "Inside Crochet" I couldn't resist. By the way, its great news that she has become a regular columnist, I so admire all her work, what a catch for them. This has got to be by far the best crochet magazine on the market.


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