More fair isle knitting...

I'm working my way through Nikki Trenchs book, just trying little projects to build up my skills and confidence in using fair isle.
The photo show a completed face cloth using cotton yarn, along with my previous swatches. Although I have yet to block and weave in the ends.
I have already cast on another!
Its actually easier in some cases to make up your own patterns than try to follow one of the charts. I remember a while ago now, this blog post and this one from Vanessa who was experimenting with fair isle. She found that it was really easy to make her own patterns. Such beautiful stitch work...x
I have had a go with some of my own pattern repeats and really enjoyed the process.
I almost feel brave enough to have a go at the neck warmer in the book, it seems more manageable now...
Still can't believe I'm knitting fair isle!




Simona said…
I love your fair isle knitting so much...... that I have ordered the book right away. Your blog is gorgeous and a great source of inspiration for me. Simona

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