fair isle & nordic knits (from Nikki Trench)


I have bought Mollie Makes magazine every since it came out and loved every issue. Issue 40 had a pattern for a Nikki Trench snood knitted in fair isle style which go me thinking...
I have always had a passion for all things fair isle and have been in awe of other knitters for years. I took a leap of faith however after reading the Mollie Makes article, thinking really just how hard can it be?
The book is just so beautiful... it has loads lovely patterns and photos and a section at the back of the book of how to knit using fair isle techniques. So I had a go, started small and just followed the charts, did it stitch by stitch, line by line and made a few swatches...and they worked...alright...not bad...!
Wow, now for me this is the equivalent of finding the Holy Grail. I can't say just how happy I am to be able to do a few swatches like these, it just blows my mind!
Has anybody else had a crafting epiphany?

PS. The book I bought is fair isle and  nordic knits by Nikki Trench.
I got mine from the link in Mollie Makes but wish I had waited and ordered it from Amazon instead as it is over £1 cheaper.
Will remember to wait for the price drop next time.



millefeuilles said…
Your photographs are always beautiful and, today, it has been a real treat to peruse your most recent posts to catch up with your newly acquired skills.


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