Monday, 12 May 2014

Japanese Crochet Flower Scarf - Number 2

I finally finished adding to mom's Japanese crochet flower shawl and gave it to her last Friday. The extra motifs made the world of difference. The wool I used was a 4 ply which made the motifs smaller than the original pattern suggests.
I liked it so much I am making myself one. I doing it this time in one colour with my Raverly notes here. I bought this years ago because I liked the colour, but the yarn itself was really weird as  it was so stretchy. It has sat in a box and endured a house move before I have eventually dug it out to make this scarf. It is super stretchy with the advantage of being 100 percent wool. It holds the shape of each motif well and snaps right back into place. I tried to crochet first with a smaller than suggested hook - 3mm but it seemed to make it a little tight and coarse. So I followed the suggested and it has worked well. I must admit it is such a straightforward pattern to follow, especially when there is no colour change it makes up quite quickly with no brain power involved at all . The original pattern colours the centre with white and yellow so represent the flower. If I had enough yarn I would have tried something similar as  I loved how this was worked up.
I am still doing the Quaker cross stitch, it is really filling out now and becoming quite striking when it is draped on the chair as I'm sewing. I still think it will take another ten months or so. That's my reckoning at doing a motif a month!


Little Treasures said...

It looks fabulous!

Angella Amit said...

Love it. Appreciate your feedback on my version at ☺ Hope you like it.


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