Grans Granny Blanket

I'm coming to the end of posting about my Gran's work, although I wish I had more to show. It's been something I have been wanting to do for a while, to document what I have. This piece is probably the most precious along with the patchwork quilt. When I look at it I remember picnics and trips out in their old car, of long summer holidays in the caravan.
Mom had this blanket until earlier this year when she passed it onto me. It has some lovely yarns that have kept their colour surprisingly well. As with anything made from pure wool, over the years there has been a degree of felting, but in my mind it only adds to its charm.
I hope one day that it will be passed onto my children for them to use on their family picnics.


Anonymous said…
Ned and Archie would like to sleep on that!! oh yes and not forgetting Skimble aswell..Rx

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