Crocheting Motifs but not much else...!


I can't seem to concentrate on much lately, cross-stitch is pretty much a no -go area, as is knitting. It just seems to be too much hard work. Is anybody else like that at the mo?
I have been playing at some easy crochet as you can see and I really enjoyed doing the large motif/doily. I used one of the few remaining balls of thread left from my Grans stash, the colour is so delicate and soft, it was a joy to use. There is still some left which is good. You must still be able to get this type of thread, its just that I haven't seen it. You can't see from the picture but it looks like that elasticated thread you used to be able to buy from Woolworths. I always used it when I was making clothes for my dolls all those years ago. The other two flower motif pictures are done in DK wool but you just don't get the stitch definition you get from the thinner thread.
About two years ago I made a large crochet blanket during the summer holidays. We use it in the winter as a throw and as it is 100percent wool it is lovely and warm. Slight confession here, I still haven't weaved in all the ends, and as it is wool they are starting to felt. It hasn't ever been a problem before as we always use it right side up. However, it is annoying and I can't believe I've left it this long. I'm also thinking that if I don't get on with it soon I won't be able to get them done at all. Maybe that can be my "can't be bothered with anything else" project this week! 


millefeuilles said…
Such beautiful colours you have used for your crochet motifs! I am in awe of your skills. I am not currently feeling dispondent about knitting and stitching - it does happen from time to time - but a little lacking in confidence in my creative abilities which, I imagine, happens to others too.

I hope you are having the same beautiful weather.


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