Vintage Hand Embroided Pieces of Work


I have recently bought/rescued this delightful hand embroidered table runner off Ebay. Just look at those stitches, they have a wonderful naivety about them, don't they? I say rescued not because it may have ended up being thrown away (as this isn't every ones bag these days) but because it may have ended up cut up and dissected by a crafter.
I don't like to go against any trend that is popular, especially in the crafting world, but one thing that really sits uneasy with me is how some crafters cut up old embroidered pieces whether damaged or not. They are used to create an embellishment, patchwork quilt, cushion, apron etc.
 I know my thinking originates from the craft class I go to on a Thursday afternoon in my local church hall. It is made up of  similar elderly ladies that embroidered and have made such items. They are quite upset at this trend. It is very difficult for them to comprehend why one would want to do this to such skilled and beautiful stitching.
They are also concerned about what will be left for future generations to own and cherish.
Surely anything of such beauty, that is handmade and already vintage should be repaired (if damaged) and preserved for this generation and the next.


Daisy Debs said…
Oh ! That is so sweet ! Those vintage pieces are so pretty .
millefeuilles said…
This is a thought-provoking post indeed. I do generally agree with you but not entirely. Did you ever see the patchwork Jane Brocket revealed on her blog once made with vintage embroidered tablecloths. It caused quite a polemic but those quilts were utterly beautiful and, to my mind, brought the value of the work of bygone days to light.

I do, generally, agree with you though :-)

Porcupine Jane said…
Hi Stephanie - yes I remember that quilt well. I searched through her blog to find the entry. I went back two years but couldn't find the link. I remember thinking at the time it was a quite breath taking piece of work. You don't still have the link do you? Jane.x

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