Friday, 7 February 2014

My NoteBooks

Spending time sketching and trying ideas for some much needed wrist warmers. I've always loved my sketchbooks and as I add to them they become more precious to me.
I like making little samples, putting them into my books, sketching designs and writing down thoughts. The writing can take many forms. It could be a favourite crochet pattern, the idea for a embroidery design or something I have read or heard that really appeals to  me.
They all go in my little books.
Ned, Archie and Skimble still prefer to squash into their basket that is way too small!
I have tried larger beds but they don't like them, either Ned will gradually eat his way through it or it gets ignored.
If you put your hand in between them it is so hot so I can understand the appeal of being snug.

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