Crochet Japanese Flower Scarf

I made this scarf as a present for mom last year - Christmas (2012), it was however unfinished! I gave it to her anyway and asked if the length was ok for her. It did look lovely, but if it was longer then it really would do the pattern justice. So I took it back with every intention of finishing it and I'm ashamed to say I still have it! Blush!
One of my News Years resolutions is to finish and document my work so I am starting with this one. I chose blues and creams because firstly blue is her favourite colour and secondly that the cream would go nicely with her cream mac which she always wears in the spring.
The wool itself is a very fine double knit, in fact it could almost be a 4 ply. It may be, had I still the wool labels to check. It is so fine that I am having to use a 3mm crochet hook.
I really love this pattern. It was first mentioned a couple of years ago by Attic 24 in this blog post. Here you can find a link to the pattern which originates from Japan. The pattern books from Japan are so inspirational, they really are. This pattern is such a joy to crochet as it is an easy one to remember, but looks quite delicate and intricate once you have made your first motif.
I would like to make another one but this time for myself, using fine yarn again but maybe with a slight mohair blend.
Not long to go now mom, it will soon be back to you in time for spring!


millefeuilles said…
I wish you could teach me to crochet! Such a beautiful gift you have made and your eye for colour is quite splendid.

This is absolutely stunning. Love the colour pallette. ☺ I too have done some shawls in the same design. Please tell me what you think at

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