I Will Return

I am the wind and you are the shore
I whisper over your skin, scatter across the downs, tree to grasses, rushes to reeds 
I caress and rustle and flow and fluster, over your immoveable sands 
I drowned and disappear 
I pass from the land and I fly over the sea 
I say farewell
 I say goodbye and I say adieu in a thousand voices 
I dapple the surface of the ocean 
I whip the seas to tears but 
I will return, my shoreline, my lovely shoreline
I will return...
For Chris. x
May she rest in peace.


Richard said…
thanks Jane, that was such a loverly thought. the poetry goes so well with the picture. love r.x
Ellie Maggie said…
Such gentle meaningful words. I'm so sorry for your loss and hope you find comfort and love in those around you. Sending you hugs.

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