Monday, 11 November 2013

Cross Stitch "Love" Update - A Felicity Hall Pattern

I am continuing slowly with the "Love" cross stitch pattern, taken from Felicity Hall's lovely website under the freebie section. I really love her style and designs. I've changed the colours in my interpretation of her pattern so its a bit hit and miss at the moment!
The blackwork sampler has been on the back burner for a while, but I'm looking forward to re starting this again. I love the complex patterns but as it is such a large piece I have to put it down and have a break from time to time.
I have been playing with the vast catalogues of letter charts on my Pinterest lately and have made a collection of the letter J. This one has been done in redwork but I feel it would have probably been better in black or white (in the style of a monogrammed letter).
Ned needs a haircut!


Anonymous said...

Ned looks so cute! that look says "where is my beer mummy?" Ned likes a drop of real ale from the Smugglers, the look of anticipation is evident on his face. r.x

Porcupine Jane said...

Ha ha yes you are right, you know him so well don't you? Although if I had taken a picture of you at the same time your expression would have said the same! x

Jolene said...

I love your blog :)


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