Saturday, 12 October 2013

Home Sweet Home update & a notebook idea for embroidery.

The Home Sweet Home cross stitch piece is coming along nicely. I've been having trouble sleeping lately so I tend to make a small pot of tea and stitch into the early hours. The colours are more true to the first photo, due to poor light quality for the other 2 photos. I like this piece because it mixes cross stitch with back stitch, lazy daisy stitch and silk/metallic threads.
I've been teaching myself embroidery these last few months and have started to make a record of what I have learnt so far in a little notebook. I have always kept notebooks as I like to record things. I like how this one is turning out. There is something so very personal about creating such an item, its like having all your favourite pieces together in one place and the journey your creative process took you to get there. It's the evolution of an idea or design.


millefeuilles said...

Your notebook is precious and beautiful. You've set me thinking this morning about how many notebooks I have filled over the years and yet, for some strange reason, I've ceased using them recently. I wonder why?

I too really would like to learn to embroider all manner of different stitches. Even more than learning crochet and patchwork skills!

Happy sunday,


Mdm Samm said...

absolutely bring smiles to my heart in your stitching journey..


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