Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Home Sweet Home - free cross stitch pattern link

I originally found the link for my Home Sweet Home cross stitch piece (above) through Pinterest which led me here, but since that I have found some other lovely patterns through Bing - search word home sweet home cross stitch, then images and this will take you to some lovely patterns and links. For my cross stitch piece I used a 32 count and odd bits of threads I had so unfortunately I can't tell you what colours I used, but on the patterns below it details colours used there.graficos-ponto-cruz-esquemas-cozinha-54graficos-ponto-cruz-esquemas-cozinha-55
This last image is from this blog here. I hope this helps.
 Happy stitching!


Flowerpot said...

Gorgeous your Home Sweet Home project! So utterly pretty !

Gayla Dugger said...

How do I obtain a copy of the Pattern of Home Sweet Home ?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where I can purchase this pattern? I love it.

Lydia Erickson said...

You don't need to purchase it. Just press on the images of the two charts. This should bring up a short list of options. Pick Save Image and save them to your computer! Enjoy!


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