Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Home Sweet Home - free cross stitch pattern link

I originally found the link for my Home Sweet Home cross stitch piece (above) through Pinterest which led me here, but since that I have found some other lovely patterns through Bing - search word home sweet home cross stitch, then images and this will take you to some lovely patterns and links. For my cross stitch piece I used a 32 count and odd bits of threads I had so unfortunately I can't tell you what colours I used, but on the patterns below it details colours used there.graficos-ponto-cruz-esquemas-cozinha-54graficos-ponto-cruz-esquemas-cozinha-55
This last image is from this blog here. I hope this helps.
 Happy stitching!

Monday, 28 October 2013

Nelly's Woolly Hat

I have been making some little hats to go to the Innocence Smoothie Big Knit as part of their
Help The Aged campaign.
Only a few days to go now.
Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Home Sweet Home Cross Stitch & Embroidery - finished

I'm really pleased with this piece, but sad that its finished. It's like when you find a good book to read and you cannot put it down, but when you finish, it leaves a gap. That's how I feel about this piece probably because I enjoyed stitching it so much.
It's an irregular frame size, so I may have to get it professionally framed. (It will have a black frame)
 It is going to hang in our snug room just as you go in the door so everyone can see it.
Even though I like this piece, I still don't think it captures the original style of these antique pictures. It would be nice to see one up close to get a 'feel' of how the stitched worked together. But they are scarce and rarely come up for sale in the UK.
I'm looking at doing another similar style one now, but need to tweak the chart somewhat to make it look more antique/vintage.
 If anyone is interested in the above then I will post a link to the free chart.x

Monday, 21 October 2013

Antique Crewel Work Case

I purchased this crewel work case a few weeks ago now, but have only just got round to photographing it. It is the latest addition to my 'antique sewing notions' collection, now I mean that in the loosest sense as I only have a few items so far! This caught my eye because of my interest in embroidery & crewel work and I thought that there was a lovely selection of coloured crewel wools to use. When it arrived however, it was obvious that was something more special. Firstly it was definitely antique and unusual. Secondly the lady that I bought it from had enclosed some information stating that the same article is in the collection of Manchester Art Gallery where it is given the following description:
Object Name: sewing case                                  Date: 1850-1900
Description:  Coarse fawn cotton (Holland) embroidered straight piece, edges bound red woollen braid, one end shaped to blunt point and with red woollen tie for fastening; broad band applied on wrong side, with parallel lines of stitching across its width to form slots filled with coloured wools; bent wire threader in end slot, printed "CREWEL THREADER"; two green flannel tabs for needles; end of case embroidered in green, brown and white wools, in stem and satin stitch, with rose spray and "CREWELS".
Dimensions Height: 66 cm Width: 31.8 cm
What a lovely piece of history. I sometimes think it is as important to learn about the tools & notions that were used along with the actual embroidery stitches used. Hope you find this as interesting as I do.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Home Sweet Home update & a notebook idea for embroidery.

The Home Sweet Home cross stitch piece is coming along nicely. I've been having trouble sleeping lately so I tend to make a small pot of tea and stitch into the early hours. The colours are more true to the first photo, due to poor light quality for the other 2 photos. I like this piece because it mixes cross stitch with back stitch, lazy daisy stitch and silk/metallic threads.
I've been teaching myself embroidery these last few months and have started to make a record of what I have learnt so far in a little notebook. I have always kept notebooks as I like to record things. I like how this one is turning out. There is something so very personal about creating such an item, its like having all your favourite pieces together in one place and the journey your creative process took you to get there. It's the evolution of an idea or design.


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