The Cath Kidston Store - Glasgow August 2013

 Towards the end of August we visited Family in Glasgow. It was part of our summer holidays and we wanted to make the most of it by packing in as much as possible. One day we went into the city centre for a look round. I visited the Cath Kidston store quite by chance and took these photos. They decorated the store beautifully and it was a good opportunity to see Cath Kidston wallpapers and fabrics up close as images in their catalogue don't do them justice. They had a large section on clothing which was beautiful and their new Autumn Range is right up my street. A lot of items are bird/woodland orientated (I particularly liked the sweater with the blue tit motif). I also loved the Stanley salt & pepper pots. So cute !!
Went past the All Saints shop and took these pictures of the antique sewing machine display. I have mixed feelings about this as a piece of installation art. While it is visually stunning to look at I can't help feeling what a waste of a sewing machine. I inherited my Grans machine and still use it today, I also remember her using it and the whirring sound it made as she pumped the peddle with her foot. To think this has been lost in so many other machines is sad.


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