Thursday, 15 August 2013

Gran's Vintage Handmade Patchwork Quilt & Embroidery from Alicia Paulson Patterns

I have had ain my possession for many years (20+) a patchwork quilt that was made by my Gran probably in the last ten years of her life. Its special in many ways to me, its handmade and I can remember her making it, I was allowed to cut out the cards that backed each hexagon. The fabrics she used were from items of clothing that she/granddad/family wore, so that when I look at this quilt I can picture gran in her apron or granda in his favourite shirt. I also remember it placed on the spare bed in the room that used to be my mom and her brother's room. I can picture it now so clearly in my head as though I was standing there now, even though the house has been sold, completely renovated and now has other peoples belongings occupying that space. It was stitched on top of a nasty nylon bedspread and that is how it has stayed for all these years. I was given some wadding/backing from one of the ladies at my knitting club a while ago and it is the same size as grans quilt so I'm now unpicking and attaching it to this to make a small quilt. The shape isn't a perfect rectangle but I like that it isn't so I'm going to keep the funny shape as I make it up.
I've been embroidering Louisa's pillow with her name from Alicia Paulson's daisy chain pattern. It looks lovely but I want to further embellish it with embroidered flowers and a bunny or two. I've also finally completed her cross stitch sampler which came up a lot smaller than I envisaged, which is mad as the completed size is given in the book. It is such a delicate stitch that looks like lace, I love the contrast you get with the white floss on a darker background. I'm now looking for a suitable frame for it.
The roses this year have been beautiful, these are in our back yard in a pot and they never fail to disappoint. They are a cutting from Dad about 6 years ago and smell just like roses should.

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Vintage Patchwork Quilt said...

quilts need to 'breathe'. Instead, fold the quilt and place in a cotton pillow case, or wrap in Tyvek, and they will store beautifully and be better preserved. If stacked in a linen closet, occasionally take out of bag and spread out on a clean bed sheet, to air and let cotton fibers breathe.


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