Flower Pin Cushion using LuLu's old dress and a Cath Kidston cross stitch pattern

  In the last post I mentioned my Gran's handmade patchwork quilt which I am busy restoring back to a useable quilt. It had got me thinking that it would be lovely to make a memory quilt for Louisa from some of her favourite dresses and baby clothes. I also thought that we could use some of her first duvet covers and baby blankets.
I had seen this pattern for a flower pin cushion by Anna Marie Horner (link for the free pattern here).  Its a very popular pattern on the internet and there are loads of variations. I particularly like the miniature patchwork center one on  Pinterest. Rather than buy fabric especially to make this pincushion I used some of fabric already stashed for the memory quilt. The petals are from a beautiful first dress of Louisa's and for the base I used skirt fabric from my Mom. I decided to cross stitch the center fabric with a Cath Kidston rose pattern. I've used this a number of times as it is perfectly proportioned for smaller projects and I adapted the border to fit the circular space.
 I love the finished result, small it isn't, but hey, who said pin cushions had to be teeny tiny.x


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