Friday, 5 July 2013

Finishing Maggie Rabbit

That didn't take me long...I must confess I bought the Maggie rabbit kit from rosy little things to make up with my daughter. When we first saw Maggie we fell in love instantly, as we have a bit of a mad obsession with rabbits (see Pinterest Board - Love... Bunnys) We absolutely loved her personality & extensive clothing line! The pattern was quite fiddely so I ended up doing all the blanket stitching and most of the sewing to be honest. I think we are going to make a larger version so that Louisa can stitch this together herself. I really enjoyed making this kit, the instructions were very easy to follow and the choice of fabrics & yarn were beautiful. The only bit I altered was the knitted cape, where I put a tiny shell crochet edging on the bottom part. Maggie is great and nobody can quite believe that she is handmade! I have now cast on the knitted dress in a light pink colour to compliment the Liberty fabric, using circular needles as it is knit almost entirely on the round. This is my first time I have used these and it seems to be going ok.

Skimble Shanks spends his days asleep on the sofa in the new snug room. Its taking a bit of getting used to, using this room. It will really come into its own in the winter though when I am in the house during the day. I must post the renovation before/after pictures on the Wearholme blog. I love doing this as it shows the journey from start to finish in a couple of pictures. One of the advantages of this room is the view into our back yard which is looking ok now. I must admit the plants have really struggled this year, on the back of such a cold winter. The hydrangas have suffered the worst and I doubt if they will have time to flower properly which is a shame because I love the colour they give and they are always great dried in vases in the winter round the house.
I have cast on a Sirdar Softspun Cardi, its the softest yarn I have ever used. Its a lovely lightweight yarn that has a beautiful soft slivered sheen to it. Its knitting up quickly and an absolute pleasure. I'm not a great knitter but I'm learning and slowly trying to build my knowledge. This is deliberately a pattern that is an easy knit with no complicated bits to follow.
This is now added to my numerous WIP pile!

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