Another Maggie Rabbit... (From Posy Little Things)

I really enjoyed making the Maggie rabbit. The kit was really easy to make up and the pattern was very simple. I love the home-made look of Maggie, it has a very vintage feel, of how toys used to look. I used some softer felt for Molly, it was ordered at Christmas to make some gingerbread toys for the Christmas tree but the colour was the wrong shade when it arrived (the pitfalls of ordering online!) Now I have two and they are great together, they hold hands and cuddle and giggle!!
I've been working on a cross-stitch piece - its small and intricate, just the way I like to work. It has a bit of a lace effect which makes it delicate and crisp. I like the effect of white work, both on white fabric and beige. This is the first time I've worked on a darker fabric and I'm really happy with the effect. It gives more of a contrast for the pattern to emerge.
I'm still collecting old/vintage needlework and this is a miniature of a cottage in the woods. I bought it in Bangor, North Wales a few years ago from a car boot sale. My husband hates it, I think its too vintage for him The more I teach myself to embroider, the more I can appreciate the work that goes into pieces like these. It came already framed so this has protected it substantially over the years and it has also been out of sunlight which has helped preserve the colours. It really is lovely to look at and has a delightful 3-D quality you just can't capture with photography.
The elderflower cordial is made, only just in the nick of time. I prefer the wine personally so will be waiting eagerly for the berries to ripen. I doubt whether the kids will drink this cordial, they hate anything with a funny taste. Sometimes you have to be an adult to appreciate things that are made for you when you are children.


Hello :)

I'm loving your stitching, can I ask which book you're working from there :)
Porcupine Jane said…
Thank you, yes the pattern is beautiful, isn't it. I've taken it from Embroidery Companion by Alicia Paulson. I'm finding it a great source of inspiration and reference. The embroidered letters are taken from her daisy chain alphabet on her website - Posy gets cozy - Rosy little things shop to purchase pattern.

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