Monday, 29 July 2013

Another Maggie Rabbit... (From Posy Little Things)

I really enjoyed making the Maggie rabbit. The kit was really easy to make up and the pattern was very simple. I love the home-made look of Maggie, it has a very vintage feel, of how toys used to look. I used some softer felt for Molly, it was ordered at Christmas to make some gingerbread toys for the Christmas tree but the colour was the wrong shade when it arrived (the pitfalls of ordering online!) Now I have two and they are great together, they hold hands and cuddle and giggle!!
I've been working on a cross-stitch piece - its small and intricate, just the way I like to work. It has a bit of a lace effect which makes it delicate and crisp. I like the effect of white work, both on white fabric and beige. This is the first time I've worked on a darker fabric and I'm really happy with the effect. It gives more of a contrast for the pattern to emerge.
I'm still collecting old/vintage needlework and this is a miniature of a cottage in the woods. I bought it in Bangor, North Wales a few years ago from a car boot sale. My husband hates it, I think its too vintage for him The more I teach myself to embroider, the more I can appreciate the work that goes into pieces like these. It came already framed so this has protected it substantially over the years and it has also been out of sunlight which has helped preserve the colours. It really is lovely to look at and has a delightful 3-D quality you just can't capture with photography.
The elderflower cordial is made, only just in the nick of time. I prefer the wine personally so will be waiting eagerly for the berries to ripen. I doubt whether the kids will drink this cordial, they hate anything with a funny taste. Sometimes you have to be an adult to appreciate things that are made for you when you are children.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Nikki Trench Shell Crochet Scarf in the Palest Pink & Drying Herbs for the First Time.

When I was at my local yarn shop the other day I saw some lovely yarn that was perfect for Nikki Trench's shell scarf pattern. (Sublime) So I've started this as a small wrap/large scarf. Its a quick pattern to work and suits the yarn perfectly. Its a lovely summer project that I can take with me when I go out to my Mum's house or a picnic. The weather has been warm, both day and night and its been great having the doors and windows open.
I bought this embroidered bag a few years ago from Accessorize and always bring it out during the summer. Just how do they make this? I've looked really closely at it the work involved and it is definitely handmade and beautifully stitched. It would have taken me months to undertake this amount of detail. The photo doesn't really do it justice or the many layers that make up the overall design.
I have been doing a spot of embroidering myself on an antique cotton pillow case with a deep crocheted edging that I bought from a Vintage Fair for £1.00. I've been using the Daisychain ABCs Crewelwork Sampler Pattern by Posie: Rosie Little Things. I've seem a few of these made up and they do look absolutely gorgeous. The nicest one is the one that has been made into a cushion cover, I think its on my Pinterest Board - Embroidery. I have worked this pillow in all white however, as I have a real thing for block colour work, i.e. redwork, blackwork, whitework. I love how it has turned out and I will embellish this further with more flowers worked in white cotton.
Spencer Bear had to be washed but enjoyed the sunshine while he was drying off in our back yard. I've got a Laura Ashley frame for a piece of cross-stitch I did a while ago, it was either going to be a needle case cover or a pincushion. This way it does get too damaged!
My neighbour is herb grower extraodinaire and has very kindly passed me loads of herbs to dry out and store. I'm really enjoying this and it makes our kitchen feel like a proper working kitchen. I sometimes feel I could spend all day in the kitchen pottering on. I used some of the Rosemary on my favourite dish of roasted sweet potato, with olive oil, sea salt, black pepper and a few sprigs of rosemary. Yummy.x

Friday, 5 July 2013

Finishing Maggie Rabbit

That didn't take me long...I must confess I bought the Maggie rabbit kit from rosy little things to make up with my daughter. When we first saw Maggie we fell in love instantly, as we have a bit of a mad obsession with rabbits (see Pinterest Board - Love... Bunnys) We absolutely loved her personality & extensive clothing line! The pattern was quite fiddely so I ended up doing all the blanket stitching and most of the sewing to be honest. I think we are going to make a larger version so that Louisa can stitch this together herself. I really enjoyed making this kit, the instructions were very easy to follow and the choice of fabrics & yarn were beautiful. The only bit I altered was the knitted cape, where I put a tiny shell crochet edging on the bottom part. Maggie is great and nobody can quite believe that she is handmade! I have now cast on the knitted dress in a light pink colour to compliment the Liberty fabric, using circular needles as it is knit almost entirely on the round. This is my first time I have used these and it seems to be going ok.

Skimble Shanks spends his days asleep on the sofa in the new snug room. Its taking a bit of getting used to, using this room. It will really come into its own in the winter though when I am in the house during the day. I must post the renovation before/after pictures on the Wearholme blog. I love doing this as it shows the journey from start to finish in a couple of pictures. One of the advantages of this room is the view into our back yard which is looking ok now. I must admit the plants have really struggled this year, on the back of such a cold winter. The hydrangas have suffered the worst and I doubt if they will have time to flower properly which is a shame because I love the colour they give and they are always great dried in vases in the winter round the house.
I have cast on a Sirdar Softspun Cardi, its the softest yarn I have ever used. Its a lovely lightweight yarn that has a beautiful soft slivered sheen to it. Its knitting up quickly and an absolute pleasure. I'm not a great knitter but I'm learning and slowly trying to build my knowledge. This is deliberately a pattern that is an easy knit with no complicated bits to follow.
This is now added to my numerous WIP pile!


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