Monday, 24 June 2013

Intellectual Property...passing on skills for antique tapestry pieces

Progress is slow, so slow on the Kiss cushion. This always happens when I near the end of a project, things grind down and I have to really push to finish a piece of work. To be fair though, we are so so busy with the house renovations that I haven't had the time to sit and sew like I'd want to. There have been some benefits to trawling through Ebay for house things, however and that is checking out vintage sewing notions. There are some lovely things out there but boy are they expensive! I suppose it's partially due to the recent re-interest in sewing/crochet/knitting and also that these items are getting scarcer as time goes by. I'm lucky that I sometimes seem to be given such items. More recently at my craft club that I go to on a Thursday afternoon, the ladies there are very generous and are always having a 'clearout' and sending some lovely things my way. I've been given all kinds of craft items -  boxes of tapestry wools, frames, petit point needlepoint (ready to complete the trammed areas), knitting needles & patterns, crochet hooks, all of which I'm so grateful for and these ladies know that I will treasure these gifts. More importantly though, they pass on their knowledge to me, skills that were taught to them by their mothers and grandmothers before them. One particular touching day, a lady from the club brought in a hand sewn baby gown made from pure cotton that was decorated in the most delicate examples of white work I've ever seen. I wish I'd photographed it so I could have recorded it in some way. It was made by her grandmother and this lady was in her 70's! These women still retain these skills of sewing, but don't find it easy to pass them down to their daughters/granddaughters.
My next project is the tapestry panel that was part filled in. I have unpicked all the unwanted stitching and an left now with the beautiful detail of the main pattern. The ladies were in agreement that this should be unpicked as the pattern became lost in the stitches. Not sure as yet what it will be, but I'm going to embellish this piece with tiny glass beads in complementary colours. Its the first time I'm using glass beads, more of a practise run, placing the odd cluster here and there. Eventually I would like to complete a Victorian style needlepoint foot stool sewn in glass beads.
I've hunted out some of my collections of original dress making patterns gifted to me by my Mom. I want to try and make a summer dress. This is the shape and style I'm after recreating and I remember my Gran making one of these patterns and I still have a sample piece of the fabric she used.
The beaches here are beautiful, its warm and the tides go far out leaving miles of unmarked sand for us to walk. There are some lovely plants that have burst into colour by the cliffs, capturing a vivid cerise against the limestone rocks. Happy Days.

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