Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Making a Miss Maggie Rabbit from the full kit

 I'm making a Maggie Bunny by Alicia Paulson at the moment. I bought it because I love rabbits and all things by Alicia, with the hope of inspiring Lulu to try sewing again. We also have a Cath Kidston ragdoll kit to make and thought that this could be a nice practice kit to try. Its been lovely to sew blanket stitch round the edges of the seams and working with felt is so easy. The boots were a tiny bit fiddley but well worth the effort as they look so cute. I felt a bit like the shoe maker out of the Tom Thumb story. Finished knitting the shawl today so we only have the dress to make. the instructio ns say to machine sew the seams but I may do this by hand as I'm enjoying hand stitching alot on this kits. think I'll make one for my new niece/nephew who is due to be born this Friday coming.  I can't wait...x
I love anything relating to antique sewing and I've recently bought this knitting counter. It made of solid copper (but very tarnished here) so when new and polished up, it would have really been eye-catching. I've never seen anything like it, its quite small (10cm x 7cm), solid and weighty and intricate. I've used it already and it worked really well. It came with some other antique tools, I'm particularly pleased with the steel templates. my grandfather was a blacksmith in the coal mines and I remember him making numerous templates for gran in different shapes and sizes for her quilting projects. When they died the house was cleaned out by relatives and they were all thrown away which is heartbreaking for me. I do, however, have some of grans crochet equipment and one of the handmade quilts she made from scrap fabrics so not all was lost.

 I've finally unpacked my beloved Gaggia coffee maker out of storage and it is cleaned and all ready to go. It sits on a minature antique kitchen table that I have restored. I like the idea that the Gaggia has a table all to itself! I love a fresh cup of coffee first thing in the morning, the noises the machine makes, the steam that comes off it. Its my favourite morning ritual.

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