Somewhere in time. (Antique Tapestry Pieces) - Vintage Finds

I'm fascinated with history, with the past. I bought a very old house because I love its sense of having a past life and the life's of people who have lived here before. How I work with stitching also embraces my love of history. I love buying pre-worked tapestry and examining how others have worked on a particular piece or pattern. There is a vast amount of this type of work on the internet to buy and I'm always staggered at how cheap some of these pieces are. I have bought some rubbish bits but on the whole they have been of excellent quality and stitching. I laid out some of my collection of pre-worked pieces to photograph the other day, and even in this state they are lovely to look at. My most recent piece I have mentioned before here and I'm still working though unpicking some of the less desirable stitches. Good light is crucial to make sure I don't remove the wrong ones. More often than not I will received additional pieces attached. I've had some lovely examples and pin them on my sewing room notice board. Even on these small pieces, it is apparent that many hours of work have gone into completing these works.


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