Thursday, 21 March 2013

Threads From The Past - Antique/Vintage tapestry pieces and wools/silks

Finished this Victorian cross-stitch minature, just needs to be pressed and i think I will frame it. I was going to originally use it as a front for a needle case but think it will work better as a tiny picture. I have been sourcing some vintage/antique tapestries that are part complete. This panel is quite large (over 1 metre) and has some beautiful stitching on the main flower part, however the infill is badly done and I'm in the process of unpicking the brown and blue stitches. It is going to be a cushion and I've bought pom pom edging to finish this. Also bought bundles of coloured threads from the internet. I think they must come from house clearances and all seem to come with there own histories. Notes are made on card holders and some are sorted into colour bundles for roses or leaves from past projects. So I'm sorting through them at the moment and its nice that they are being put to use once more. The weather is changeable. Bitterly cold one day, sunny the next. Ned and Archie however, like to go out in all weathers and socialise on the beach.

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