Miniature Schnauser Snouts, they are so cute.

One of the best things about owning Miniature Schnauzers are their noses. They remind me of the ones that go on teddy bears and if you are lucky enough to see one in real life they don't look at all real. I love how they are plonked in the middle of their fur, so very cute. xx. Progress on the Emily Peacock Cushion is coming on well. I'm really enjoying doing this project and the colour combinations she uses are such a delight to stitch with. Even doing the filling stitches are fun. Its given me the idea to do one for Lulu's bedroom, but to stitch her name using the same alphabet. I think/hope you can buy the complete alphabet, so must check her website for that.  Mam has just completed a beautiful knitted cardigan for Lulu. I hope the pictures do it justice as she knits with such an exquisite tension, making her work so neat but springy at the same time. I have some vintage crochet cottons to use in my embroidery, some are from my grandma, others I have bought as a job lot from the internet. The colours are fresh and the cotton is of a very good quality. I have used some of these successfully on the borders on my miniature cross-stitch bookmarks and would like to experiment further with different colours/designs. Yesterday I got a freebie kit to stitch from this months Cross Stitcher Magazine. I'm really interested in stitching on different media so I'm looking forward to trying this one out as its on wood. I've been compiling a Pin Board on some examples which range from camper van doors to frying pans! I know it sounds crackers, but if something is beautifully stitched then it will always look incredible. How cool are jigsaws?? sometimes I forget about childhood activities and how much I used to enjoy them.


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