Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas Moments of 2013

 Looking at this picture it doesn't look like SkimbleShamks has had  much fun but believe me he has doubled his size this Christmas. Turkey is his favourite!
The holidays are now at a half way point and I'm hoping to have some time to put my feet up and relax now all our quests have gone. I really love this time of the year, the no mans land between the two big festivities of Christmas and New Year.
I have been reading up on antique samplers and am looking forward to posting a pin cushion that I've been working on. Its a tiny count and a bit fiddly but worth the effort.
Festive Cheer to you all.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas Cross Stitch

 Making presents for the family, my favourite time of the year.
These names are tags for their Christmas stockings, while the others are gift tags for homemade presents.
Christmas cross stitch patterns are free from here & here.
Others are from my Pinterest board called cross stitch alphabets here.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Free Crochet Pattern For Marc Jacobs Style Shawl

 Yarn - the general rule is the chunkier the better, I used an Aran weight for mine with a ball of similar wool for the contrasting colour.
Hook - using the correct hook size recommended by the yarn.
Note - Remember that the thicker the yarn, the fewer rows you will need to crochet. This shawl is crochet in one long strip, so in order to work out how many foundation chain stitches you need to do, I basically chained enough to wrap round my shoulders and a little more for an overlap. This is a bit of trial and error until you feel comfortable with the length, but once you have done this that's the hard part out of the way! If there are any spare chain stitches left after you have worked your first row then I just unpick the excess and re-fastened them off. I found this much easier than trying to count the number of stitches in this chain as it can be quite long.
Row 1: 1tr into the 4th ch st from your hook, 1 tr into next 2 ch, 1 ch, skip 1 ch, 1 tr into the next 3 ch, *1 ch, skip 1 ch, 1 tr into the next 3 ch*, repeat between * and * until end of row, cut yarn, but do not turn your work.
Another Note: When you get to the end of this first row and subsequent rows you must not turn your work. This shawl has a right side and wrong side you it is important that you keep all you work stitches worked on the right side.
Row 2: change colour and attach yarn onto the first tr, make 1 dc also into the first tr, 3 ch, 1 dc into the first 1-ch sp, *3 ch, 1 dc into the next 1-ch space*, repeat between * and * until end of row, make the last dc into the last tr of the previous row, cut yarn, but do not turn your work.
Row 3: change colour back to main colour and attach yarn onto the first dc, make 2 ch (=first tr), 2 tr into the first 3-ch space, *1 ch, 3 tr into the next 3-ch space*, repeat until end of row, make the last tr into the last dc of the previous row, cut yarn, but do not turn your work.
Row 4: and further rows. Repeat rows 2 and 3 until you have 22 rows or the width you prefer.
To Finish Your Marc Jacobs Style Shawl: with the right side facing, attach main colour to any stitch you like and crochet 1 row of dc all around the shawl with 2 dc in the corners. Make sure to divide these stitches evenly along the edge of the finished shawl, e.g.
·         on the long side 1 dc in every stitch and also into the chain.
·         on the short side, 1 dc in the side of the dc and 2 dc in the side of the tr.
Weave in the ends or alternatively leave these and tidy to same length to create a fringe effect.
This is my first attempt at writing a crochet pattern, so if there are any errors
 then please let me know, it would be much appreciated.
 I hope you enjoy making this shawl as much as I did and I would love to see any links to ones you have created yourself!. 
Happy Stitching

Friday, 15 November 2013

Marc Jacobs Inspired Crochet Shawl

$1,800 for WTF??  I will never understand fashion! @TimGunn please explain!  {Hand crocheted waffle-knit wool shawl in an array of colors. Embellished with removable oversized metal safety pin. 100% Wool with Nylon and Rayon.*The skirt from this look can be purchased at Marc Jacobs boutique stores.}
This shawl retailed at an eye watering £1,120 ($1,800) and it sold lots!
It is Marc Jacobs hand crocheted waffle-knit wool shawl from last Autumn's Collection. (the link has now gone but I found these images above on Pinterest which had been originally taken from the  Marc Jacobs Website). The crochet shawl came in an array of colours, the most popular being pale grey/green or purple/copper. the contrasting colours were gorgeous colour pops in metallic yarns. Materials used were 100% Wool with Nylon and Rayon. The designer embellished this shawl with a removable oversized metal safety pin.

I personally thought this shawl was a beautiful modern day interpretation of a vintage crochet stitch, a real piece of genius! In fact, I was so inspired last autumn I started to make my own version of this beautiful shawl.
Its such a lovely shawl and really easy to make. If even looks good as a blanket or small throw! I have hooked on another shawl in the softest lambs wool in a natural colour way with a light grey contrasting yarn.
If anyone is interested in this pattern, then I can write up my notes for you and post it.
Let me know.x

Monday, 11 November 2013

I Will Return

I am the wind and you are the shore
I whisper over your skin, scatter across the downs, tree to grasses, rushes to reeds 
I caress and rustle and flow and fluster, over your immoveable sands 
I drowned and disappear 
I pass from the land and I fly over the sea 
I say farewell
 I say goodbye and I say adieu in a thousand voices 
I dapple the surface of the ocean 
I whip the seas to tears but 
I will return, my shoreline, my lovely shoreline
I will return...
For Chris. x
May she rest in peace.

Cross Stitch "Love" Update - A Felicity Hall Pattern

I am continuing slowly with the "Love" cross stitch pattern, taken from Felicity Hall's lovely website under the freebie section. I really love her style and designs. I've changed the colours in my interpretation of her pattern so its a bit hit and miss at the moment!
The blackwork sampler has been on the back burner for a while, but I'm looking forward to re starting this again. I love the complex patterns but as it is such a large piece I have to put it down and have a break from time to time.
I have been playing with the vast catalogues of letter charts on my Pinterest lately and have made a collection of the letter J. This one has been done in redwork but I feel it would have probably been better in black or white (in the style of a monogrammed letter).
Ned needs a haircut!

Friday, 8 November 2013

Vintage 1940's Sea Waves Jumper

I am really envious of all the gorgeous knitwear around at this time of year. My favourite is of course fairisle, maybe because all that intricate stitching reminds me so much of needlepoint & tapestry. Obviously, like any beautifully made stitch work, it is incredibly complicated and is undertaken with such skill.
I would love to knit items that I so admire. Don't get me wrong, I can knit a little, I just find it harder to do than most other crafts. I'm knitting two projects currently, both of which I started many months ago.
I'm showing the Sea Waves jumper above as it is almost complete. All I need to do now is make it up. The pattern is taken from the following book  Knitting Fashions of the 1940s: Styles, Patterns and History. It is a lovely book full of some great vintage knitwear. I particularly like this book because it tells of the history and significance of knitwear during that time.
I am slowly learning the importance of crafts such as knitting, crochet and all types of needlework throughout history.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Circus Letters in Cross Stitch

I've started to work on a couple of ideas using a Circus Font which I wanted to document here. Both will be for two very different projects when finished. I'm really enjoying stitching letters and words, as its fascinating watching the stitches form letters and then of course, filling the space in between with pattern.
Emily Peacock has a lot to answer for!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Home Sweet Home - free cross stitch pattern link

I originally found the link for my Home Sweet Home cross stitch piece (above) through Pinterest which led me here, but since that I have found some other lovely patterns through Bing - search word home sweet home cross stitch, then images and this will take you to some lovely patterns and links. For my cross stitch piece I used a 32 count and odd bits of threads I had so unfortunately I can't tell you what colours I used, but on the patterns below it details colours used there.graficos-ponto-cruz-esquemas-cozinha-54graficos-ponto-cruz-esquemas-cozinha-55
This last image is from this blog here. I hope this helps.
 Happy stitching!

Monday, 28 October 2013

Nelly's Woolly Hat

I have been making some little hats to go to the Innocence Smoothie Big Knit as part of their
Help The Aged campaign.
Only a few days to go now.
Happy Knitting!


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