I have a thing about Crochet Bags...links to some of my favourite free patterns

I have always liked the look of a crochet bag.
My Gran had a lovely green broomstick crochet knitting bag with a scarlet 50's print fabric lining which I really used to envy. It was finished off with over-sized tortoiseshell handles that clacked together whenever it was in use.
There are some beautiful crochet bags online many with free patterns of varying complexity. 
Take a look at my Pinterest board here.
One of the more popular patterns for a crochet bag can be found here.
Its a good basic pattern with easy to follow instructions for those of you who want a go.

It was a pattern taken from Lucy's bag here, but made in a single colour.
 I set about making this exact bag for my mothers birthday in July this year and it turned out fine. I used 100% cotton and lined the bag to stop any little buttons etc. escaping. She seemed over the moon with it.
 I have been looking on Raverly for some other patterns for crochet bags for my next project (for me this time) and these are my favourites 

Links are on my Pinterest board

 So now I'm just mulling them over,wondering which one/ones I could make......mmmmmh.


I've got a weakness for crochet bags too but I tend to use rigid handles. Unless I add a couple of rows of reinforcing stitching around the inner edge of handles made by leaving a gap between rows I worry they'll look overstretched when in use. My favourite is the Cherry Heart Eclectic Grannie bag: http://sandra-cherryheart.blogsp

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