Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Distressed Vanity Unit....

Another Pinterest find..........

This is an antique dresser that has been painted white and then used as a vanity unit. I love this idea. I am going to try this in the guest bathroom if I can find a suitable base unit. Love the pink towels and wire mirrors too.

Undecorated Dolls House

I have been browsing on Pinterest this morning and have come across this image....

I bought an undecorated dolls house from a car boot a couple of years ago for £25 and during the house move it was left at mams house. There it has sat for ages neglected and hidden upstairs in one of the attic rooms. It came fully furnished and with a family of three generations. This image is ideal for a make-over. Both myself and my daughter are in agreement that would suit just fine. We especially love the pink chandelier wallpaper in the bedroom, its gorgeous. Now all we need to do is go and find the dolls house and bring it home!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Apes are so cool

Watch Movie Trailer HERE 
Had a rare night out with #R tonight and went to the cinema. It was fantastic. We went to see 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' The special effects are amazing, so much so infact you forget that it isn't a real ape acting. haha. I was particularly taken with Cesaer as a baby, such a cutie don't you think.

Baby Ape Love

Monday, 15 August 2011


Having a family holiday has proven to be difficult over the last few years for us. Since we had the kids we have stayed in the UK and gone to the sea-side in a caravan, which has worked well for us and we have developed a huge fondness for Dorset and Cornwall. A couple of years ago I caught pnemonia and became seriously ill. It has made it difficult for me to go away and the furthest we got was North Wales in our other home.

(last year we made it up to Scotland for a few days with Mam & Dad).This was lovely but very weather dependant. I had promised #1 & #2 that we would go abroad on a plane (of course) this being part of the adventure for them both. Last year we didn't have a holiday because we moved house and this we can't go because we are totally skint!!!. As soon as we sell the house in Wales I promise we will go straight away on holiday somewhere warm for a week. Until then we are going away to Peebles in Scotland,my childhood holiday destination. I must admit it is rather lovely there and is so familiar its like a home from home. Mam and Dad have found an amazing place to stay there, last year we were in the farmhouse and this year we are in one of the cottages. Ned is booked in for his holidays at a kennel near here so we are all set. All we need to do now is keep our fingers crossed for the weather. x

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Great Blog Giveaways

I have entered blog giveaways to see if I can get myself some goodies the first is at:

this is a new blog to me but it is great as I have loads of back reading to do!!!!

The second is for a gorgeous free afghan blanket. This also has pages of great inspiration.

Fingers crossed x x x x x


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