Sunday, 12 June 2011

Our Back Yard...

In our new house we don't have a garden so to speak...its more of a back yard. Now I like this, it reminds me of childhood days at my grans. It was all concrete but had big plastic tubs of hydrangas, they were lovely. It also had a tin bath attached to the wall and a washing line. They are fond, happy memories for me. So having a back yard instead of a garden is not such a bad thing. It means I can cream-wash the walls and put lots of terra cotta pots around, I can gravel the bottom to keep the snails away from my hosta's. Its coming on a treat, it really is.
I also treated myself to some Morrison crockery for the table outside. They are lovely and a fraction of the price of M&S. I prefer the green colour of this set anyway and it works well with the purple cushions I have.


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