Sunday, 12 June 2011

Car Booting....!!!

I love to go car booting. Every saturday morning we head off to Chester market and have a good old rumage. Yesterday, #2 and I went to a local school carboot instead. I must admit, it was rubbish. I did manage to purchase a couple of things which I am chuffed to bits about. I bought a Jamie cookbook (Cook with Jamie) he promises to make you a better cook ha ha ...brand new...I 'm a bit funny about buying second hand cookbooks being next to food and all that. Its a good book and I've always liked his recipes. It was £2.00!!! I also bought a tiny little cup to keep my pins in when I'm sewing. I tend to have them heaped next to the machine which is not good as they end up everywhere. Its very small and very old...pre-1890 I know that much and it was 50p... should have haggled really....!!!

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