Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Fathers Day Hubby, Dad & Bruce...x

We have had a lovely fathers day here. I had the opportunity to spend the day with both my father and husband. It was smashing. Dinner was cooked to perfection (beef today from Sainsburys) and relatively hassle free. We are getting ready to watch a film in front of the TV with a bottle or two of beer for Daddy this evening. Well earned in my mind as he was still performing his 'taxi' duties today for #2 who went to a birthday party.
Meanwhile I'm having a go at Dottie Angels  circle of crocheted goodness. This took me about a week to work out the stitch needed but once done I am whizzing away with  this one. I am intending on making my first attempt the same as dotties - a warm and woolly coat for a cold mid century stool. The other item I can't say as it is a suprise for someone and I am working it out in my head to see if it will be ok.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Car Booting....!!!

I love to go car booting. Every saturday morning we head off to Chester market and have a good old rumage. Yesterday, #2 and I went to a local school carboot instead. I must admit, it was rubbish. I did manage to purchase a couple of things which I am chuffed to bits about. I bought a Jamie cookbook (Cook with Jamie) he promises to make you a better cook ha ha ...brand new...I 'm a bit funny about buying second hand cookbooks being next to food and all that. Its a good book and I've always liked his recipes. It was £2.00!!! I also bought a tiny little cup to keep my pins in when I'm sewing. I tend to have them heaped next to the machine which is not good as they end up everywhere. Its very small and very old...pre-1890 I know that much and it was 50p... should have haggled really....!!!

Our Back Yard...

In our new house we don't have a garden so to speak...its more of a back yard. Now I like this, it reminds me of childhood days at my grans. It was all concrete but had big plastic tubs of hydrangas, they were lovely. It also had a tin bath attached to the wall and a washing line. They are fond, happy memories for me. So having a back yard instead of a garden is not such a bad thing. It means I can cream-wash the walls and put lots of terra cotta pots around, I can gravel the bottom to keep the snails away from my hosta's. Its coming on a treat, it really is.
I also treated myself to some Morrison crockery for the table outside. They are lovely and a fraction of the price of M&S. I prefer the green colour of this set anyway and it works well with the purple cushions I have.



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