Monday, 25 April 2011

Bunting fun


I got to thinking with the Royal Wedding and all that...that I was going to make myself some bunting for our yard and put it up in time for Friday, if it was a nice permitting!!!.

But the problem is I don't have a selection of high quality individual pieces of fabric that could be made up. I suppose it will also need to quite weather proof as I'm sure once  it is up I'll be wanting it to stay up for a few days--weeks, especially if it looks as good as these pictured.
 I really really like these ones with words on...what a great idea!!! OOhh and also these below, they are lovely for indoor use.
Duck-egg blue/pink rose mini wooden bunting
 I have found this website for Party Bunting ~ Nautical Bunting from deckchair strips a fantastic website. Check it out as there are some fabulous ideas for vintage deckchair fabric. The bunting comes in approx 5.5 metre lengths

party bunting 18 flags in striped fabrics 5.5m long

 great for garden parties or dressing your yacht! Each flag - there are 18 of them - is a different stripe measuring 17 x 20 cms, sewn on to beige and white striped cord with 50 cm ties at both ends. I think I might just have to order myself a piece or two.

If you would like to have a go at making your own bunting and are fortunate to own a selection of gorgeous fabric then follow this link "how to make bunting" it also includes a handy template.


Richard said...

Hope the weather is suitable for Pims and lemonade on Friday to cheer on the happy couple!!
Mr R.xx

Miss Matilda said...

Love this post thanks ever so xx

I did purchase some oilcloth bunting for outside for the summer recently.

My union flag bunting will be going put soon too!!

Thanks for the bunting template link, I think I'll have a go xx

lots of Love xx


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