Renovating The Hallway

We moved into our home in the summer of 2010 with the intention of renovating and restoring the property to its former glory. While retaining some origional features, many treasures have been lost, including both fireplaces from the drawing & dining rooms. The house is huge...which has both advantages and disadvantages, meaning we have loads of space to store our junk!!! However each room needs so much work it becomes a major distraction when moving from one room to another. You find yourself pottering constantly but never getting anything finished. We have been forced to start the Hallway really because of central heating installation. Below are photos of changes so far.

We really did have to remove the wallpaper as it was so dirty and a huge gap had been left when we removed the radiator (this exploded when the heating was turned on)

This is the Hallway at the moment. There is a huge amount of glossing to do and then the walls will need to be lined. We did find a beautiful, almost intact parque floor underneath the carpet which should come up lovely when sanded. I don't think you can make out the floor on these photos but will post some.


Richard said…
should have left it as it was!! MrR.xx

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