Monday, 25 October 2010

A Handy Hold-It-All

Don't you think this is so useful? They could be made to go anywhere round the home. Imagine it hanging by the sink holding dishes brush, or in the bathroom filled with toothbrushes or cotton buds. They are ever so simple to make, knit a square to the desired size (any stitch you like) and simply fold overand hold into place with a satin ribbon and voila!!! Great, isn't it?

Baby Booties

My very dear friend had a baby this summer, a lovely little girl called Mille. I got to thinking that when I had my two precious babies I liked nothing better than to dress them in home knit clothes. My mam was great at knocking out lovely baby knits, from cardi's to hats & mitts. They looked so cute!!
So I got an idea into my head that I would knit Millie something to wear. I found a couple of simple but pretty knitting patterns and had a go. (The above cardi is a Debbie Bliss pattern). They didn't even take long to knit which is great for me as I have a tiny concentration span. I love, love how they have turned out, especially the cardi. It was knit in cashsoft DK and was the most delightful colour. It was chunky but very soft, an ideal cardi for the Autumn.
The booties look too good to wear, they are so delicate. I hope her mummy has decided to put them on Millies feet as the colour choice would go with anything.

Going to try and do some more regular posts now that I am set up again with my blogging site. What do you think?


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