Sunday, 27 June 2010

How I love the summer

The summer is here and for most people life is in full-swing by now. For me, however, I feel really behind on most things. I'm taking it slowly but surely and getting ready for a change. I have been venturing outside into my garden and I must say how beautiful the roses are this year. Especially the ones that grow on the side of cottages and painted fences. They make me very happy indeed.

I like how things are, so I'm making memories of them, to capture my moments in time.

I'm loving my new camera and have started to take it everywhere with me. Its one of those all singing and dancing jobbies with loads of gadgets. I love gadgets!!! Also if you make a mistake you can just delete it straight away, which is great if you photograph like me!!

When things are in order all is right with the world...or at least it helps. Its not often things in my house are tidy and organised, but when it is, it's lovely and I have to share it with you. Also they are good additions to my memory box. I remember teaching my Year 5 class a poem called the Magic Box. In this magic box you could put in anything, it didn't have to be tangible. You could have a giant's sneeze, a river that flows backwards or baby's first smile. It's got me thinking that I could use my virtual box in my virtual world. What do think?

My favourite flowers are roses and hydranges. I think it's the colours that draw me to them so vivid yet delicate. Enjoy the pictures and furthermore enjoy the weekend!jx

1 comment:

Richard said...

The house looked so good back then! can't wait to get the new one looking as good as this!!
Mr Rxx.


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